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— Together with our clients, we're inspired to scale new heights in design (graphic, packaging, web, textile, interior), marketing, marketing/sales technology, and soft goods product development.


About Richard Graumann aka Chard

I am a creative…I know, I know, that sounds vague.  However, I've been very fortunate to create in several design fields giving me a vibrant, diverse background.  Following a thorough design education at Pratt Institute, NE School of Art and Design, and Hartford Art School, I started working in store design thru my parent's gift and bath shop in CT, which led me into residential interior design, decorating multi-million dollar homes.  While decorating, my interest in computers started to grow thru exposure to friends working at design agencies. I landed a job at a top-10 design agency where I learned graphic design.  Branding, packaging, and web design are areas where I have been agency trained for over twenty years.  My interest in textile design, along with my graphic design background, allowed me to transition into fashion design for soft goods product development.  I became a Fashion Director working with soft goods and textile design, which involved trending and forecasting.  My broad professional design background means I am well suited to tackle the business, marketing, and design needs of our clients. 


About Sarah Graumann  aka Sadie

I am an ambitious senior marketing/sales leader and consultant with significant experience directing a world-renowned international brand and its products. Besides have developed a list of products over the years, Sarah has done it ALL on the marketing/sales/communications fronts, operational and strategic, developing people and teams, and evolving with changes in consumer behavior, advertising, and IT systems. 

As for what I REALLY do...well, I inspire possibility and celebrate the greatness of you and your meaningful work. With 20 years in marketing, sales, and communications, my gifting is to simplify complex challenges into clear, compelling plans, strategies, and tactics. I engage individuals and teams to value effectiveness, efficiency, excellence while communicating positivity, compassion, strength, and honesty.


Today Chard and I are working with individuals, companies, and organizations desiring innovation, growth, and 🚀 pioneering the future...our shared goals. 

Manufacturing: consumer durable goods (musical instrument, aerospace products & parts)
Service: marketing/design, music (performance, booking) ♫ 
Education: higher education, music, arts education
Institutions: for-profit, not-for-profit, start-ups

« MBA with marketing and management concentrations, 2013/2014. Leadership lecturer since 2016.»



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